Internet Service

Internet Service provider in Boisar, Tarapur, Safale, Palghar is set to revolutionize internet services in the Boisar, Tarapur, Safale and Palghar belt. Individual users and business enterprises will have faster internet access at nominal costs. Our plans will help you choose a service that suits your need without spending more or wasting extra megabytes.

Our Moonwalker plans allow high speed browsing, surfing and download during the day and at higher speeds during night. The speed of your internet will double during the nights allowing you to surf, browse and download at high speeds. We also have a new plan for individual and enterprise users called as Full Volume plans for our SOHO and Commercial users. These plans start from data limit of 5GB all the way upto 25GB at high speed of 10 MBPS allowing you to use the internet for your limited requirements. So now you can cut costs on internet plans you do not completely use. Also, you will be able to use high speeds during these limited data plans. This plan gives you great value for money and higher efficiency. Our Infinity and 50 Mbps plans give you access to high speed broadband internet at nominal cost. Infinity plans allow you uninterrupted service with no limit on data download. The 50 Mbps plan offers lightning speed of 50 Mbps for limited data and 1 Mbps post FUP.

Businesses are ensured of high speed connectivity for sharing information and knowledge. We have 15000+ retail subscribers and 400+ enterprise subscribers .Our internet plans are available at 1:1 (single contention) or 1:4 ( shared contention) bandwidth depending on your requirement. They can communicate better with our dedicated enterprise broadband services tailor made specifically for small, medium and large businesses.

They can avail our enterprise broadband and dedicated leased line services and be assured of faster and real time connectivity with their stakeholders and customers. Contact us!

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Internet Service provider in Boisar,Tarapur,Safale,Palghar