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We have given the best in internet broadband innovation to help independent ventures and enterprises to amplify their business potential. You can depend on DNA for unparalleled customer support and unmatched reliability for constant connection. So you can concentrate on what is genuinely important for your company while we ensure that you are continually connected with high speed.

Say "yes" to DNA. We are committing to give you the best in broadband services to help independent companies to get the best networking gear by free installation and deliberation. Your business needs are met with reliable internet and working proficiently to give 1:4 and 1:1 ration for your bandwidth. Now you can acquire new clients and uplift your business with a consistent connection. We help you to grow your business with assurance to build customer relationships with good broadband connectivity. With a fast installation of the broadband service and 24/7 support for you, we are making it accessible for you to make the most. Enable your company to develop with great connectivity to provide your complete business a competitive edge.

If you are interested in Enterprise services kindly email us on sales@tarapur.info

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Enterprise subscribers

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